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Mark Lohan works with you to create your ideal furniture, maximising on both style and practicality. Creating stylish, affordable furniture that suits the needs of your home and business.

Fitted furniture is a great addition to a household that make a home looks elegant. That is why our fitted furniture is design to your exact specifications. We are renowned for creating everything from fitted kitchen to minimal fitted wardrobes to luxurious built in bedroom furniture with adjoining dressing rooms.

We make everything from fitted wardrobes, bedroom furniture and bookcases to home studies and offices.

One of the best things about the fitted furniture is that it is been designed to make most of the space you have. This type of furniture can be built to the exact measurements it is planned specially for your home. You can make use of the awkward spaces and corners in your bedroom that is under the sloping ceilings, where it is difficult to place freestanding furniture. By installing this type of furniture, you have more free space that makes your room more spacious and it becomes easier for you to move around.

We make it easy for you to transform your home…

Take a look at some of our beautiful designs.

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